SCCT 2021 – 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (Videos) | Medical Video Courses.

SCCT 2021 – 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (Videos)

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SCCT 2021 – 16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (Videos)


16th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

July 16 – 17, 2021

After careful consideration, SCCT has decided to transform the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) into a virtual conference. The virtual conference will be held Friday, July 16 and Saturday, July 17.

The SCCT ASM Program Committee is planning an exciting online program that aims to bring attendees the same learning and connection they find at our face-to-face meetings.


SCCT2021 is designed to engage physicians and healthcare professionals in a comprehensive exploration of the most current developments in the field of cardiovascular CT principles, methodologies, appropriateness criteria and clinical practice.

Join world-class experts as they discuss the latest developments in CCT along with their predictions of where the field is going.


Release Date: July 16 2021


Friday, 16th

8:30am ET

Arineta Sponsored Symposia
Mobile Cardiac CT – A novel approach to expanding patient access
Speakers: Matthew Budoff, MD, MSCCT & Mike Allen, JD
Moderator: Scott Schubert


9:00am ET

Philips Healthcare Sponsored Symposia 
Next Generation Spectral CT for Cardiovascular Applications
Tim Leiner, MD, PhD

9:30am ET

SCCT First Take: Previews and discussion for Day 1

10:00am ET
Channel 1 

Opening session

Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT 
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT

 10:00am Welcome
Koen Nieman, MD, MSCCT
 10:10am Arthur S. Agatston Award
Aruthur Agatston, MD, FSCCT
Awardee: Philip Greenland, MD
 10:16am Achenbach Pioneer Award
Awardee: Pim de Feyter, MD, PhD
 10:25am Gold Medal Award
Awardee: Todd C. Villines, MD, MSCCT
 10:30am State of the Society
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT
 10:40am Top 10 papers
Todd C. Villines, MD, MSCCT
 10:55am  Concluding remarks
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT

11:00am ET
Exhibitor Showcase
11:10am ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

#SCCTVillage: Success as a Trainee/Early career professional in cardiac CT

Vasvi Singh, MD
Juan Lopez-Mattei, MD, FSCCT


Mitral valve and left atrial appendage

John Lesser, MD, MSCCT
Jacqueline Saw, MD, FSCCT


Advanced technologies for the assessment of CAD

David Bluemke, MD, PhD, MsB
Marcus Chen, MD

 11:10am #SCCTVillage:  Advice from the SCCT President
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT 
   11:10am 2021 Update on TMVR 
Mayra Guerrero, MD
   11:10am Multi-energy CT: Dual energy, spectral and photon counting  in the evaluation of CAD
Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FRCR
 11:20am #YesCCT:  The formula for successful research
Leslee Shaw, PhD, MSCCT
   11:23am CT planning for TMVR
Joao Cavalcante, MD, FSCCT
   11:20am CT in the evaluation of extracellular volume
Francesca Pugliese, MD, PhD, FSCCT
 11:30am #CCTEducator: Becoming a master educator in CCT
Todd C. Villines, MD, MSCCT
   11:36am Complications of mitral valve prosthesis
Prabhakar Rajiah, MD, FRCR
   11:30am Application of radiomics, AI and machine learning in CAD
Márton Kolossváry, MD, PhD
 11:40am #CardsRads:  Strategies for building a CCT service in a multimodality world
Dinesh Kalra, MD
    11:49am 2021 Update on atrial fibrillation & left atrial appendage
DeeDee Wang, MD, FSCCT
    11:40am Is shear stress assessment needed for CAD evaluation?
Vikas Thondapu, MD, PhD
 11:50am #InterventionalCCT:  Combining interventional & CT: View from the Gulf 
Mirvat Alasnag, MD, FSCCT
   11:55am Pre and post-procedure CT for transcatheter LAAC
Kasper Korsholm, MD, PhD
   11:50am Ultra-high resolution CT in CAD assessment
Marcus Chen, MD
 12:00pm #CHDinCCT: Blazing a path in congenital heart disease and CT
Jennifer Cohen, MD
   12:15pm Q & A
   12:00pm Computational flow dynamics and myocardial mass at risk 
Carlos Collet, MD, PhD
 12:10pm  Q & A          12:10pm Expert Commentary

12:25pm ET
Caristo Diagnostics, Ltd. Sponsored Symposia
Beyond plaque assessment: Fat Attenuation Index to personalize cardiovascular risk prediction
Jagat Narula, MD PhD, FSCCT (chair), Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT and Nehal Mehta, MS, MSCE
1:00pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Coronary CTA in 2021 - Critical appraisal of current evidence and guidelines

Maros Ferencik, MD, PhD, MCR, FSCCT
Ed Nicol, MD, MBA, FSCCT



Imaging congenital heart disease: A primer

B. Kelly Han, MD, FSCCT
Jennifer Cohen, MD


Best Abstracts & YIA Abstracts

Ronald Karlsberg, MD, MSCCT
Milid Desai, MD, MBA
Marcus Chen, MD
Rene Packard, MD, PhD


 1:00pm Coronary CTA in 2021 - What is the same, what is different, and what is missing in guidelines 
Todd C. Villines, MD, MSCCT
   1:00pm Congenital heart disease: A stepwise approach to cardiac anatomy
Karen Stout, MD

Best Abstract #1

Association Of Duration Of Diabetes And Hemoglobin A1C With Baseline Coronary Plaque Burden In The STOP Trial
Suraj Dahal, MD 


UK Guidelines - Did it change their practice NICEly?
Jonathan Weir-McCall, MBChB, PhD

   1:12pm Imaging wisely and gently: Radiation and safety in CHD
B. Kelly Han, MD, FSCCT

Best Abstract #2 

Incorporating Coronary Calcification Into Pretest Assessment Of The Likelihood Of Coronary Artery Disease - Validation And Recalibration Of A New Diagnostic Tool
Pedro Lopes, MD

 1:30pm European guidelines - Diagnostic principles in chronic coronary syndromes
Stephan Achenbach, MD, MSCCT
   1:24pm Born this way: Congenital coronary anomalies
Anjali Chelliah, MD

Best Abstract #3

Added Prognostic Value Of Plaque Burden To Computed Tomography Angiography And Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, MD, MPH


US Guidelines- Is the US catching up with the rest of the world?
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT

   1:36pm Aortic arch anomalies: From embryology to imaging
Kanwal Farooqi, MD

YIA #1

Association Of Tube Voltage With Plaque Composition On Coronary Ct Angiography: Results From Paradigm Registry
Hidenobu Takagi, MD, PhD

 2:00pm Expert Commentary   1:48pm CT tips and tricks in repaired transposition of great arteries
Christina Fuss, MD, PhD, FSCCT

YIA #2

Radiomics-based Precision Phenotyping Identifies Unstable Coronary Plaques From Computed Tomography Angiography
Andew Lin, MBBS, PhD

      2:00pm How I do it: Imaging the Fontan heart
Maryam Ghadimi Mahani, MD

 YIA #3

Modeling The Recommended Age To Initiate Coronary Artery Calcium Testing Among At-risk Young Adults: The CAC Consortium
Omar Dzaye, MD, PhD
             2:04pm  Q & A
2:15pm ET
Exhibitor Showcase
2:25pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Great Cardiac CT Quiz

Audience participation game

Stephan Achenbach, MD, MSCCT


Cardiovascular imaging during COVID-19 pandemic


Marcio Bittencourt, MD
Diana Litmanovich, MD


Coronary CTA and sex differences in CAD 

Vasvi Singh, MD
Barbara Srichai-Parsia, MD, FSCCT


       2:25pm COVID-19 epidemiology and longer-term perspectives
Roby Bhattacharyya, MD, PhD
  2:25pm Sex specific differences in CAD and how they are reflected in current guidelines
Leslee Shaw, PhD, MSCCT
       2:37pm Current COVID-19 safety protocols, PPE including post vaccination scenario 
Diana Paez Gutierrez, MD
  2:40pm Does coronary CTA have a role in SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissections)?
Ed Nicol, MD, MBA, FSCCT
       2:49pm Acute COVID-19 heart complications: Role of cardiac imaging
Diana Litmanovich, MD
  2:55pm What is the role of coronary CTA in MINOCA (Myocardial Infarction With Non-Obstructive Coronary Arteries)?
Inge van den Hoogen, MD
       3:01pm Cardiac CT in the evaluation of chest pain in post COVID-19 and long COVID-19 patients
Gianluca Pontone, MD, PhD, FSCCT
  3:10pm What is the best cardiac imaging test in microvascular dysfunction in women?
Viviany Taqueti, MD, MPH
       3:13pm How to handle incidental COVID-19 lung images in cardiac CT and calcium scores
J. Jeffrey Carr, MD, MSc, MSCCT
  3:25pm Q & A
       3:25pm Expert Commentary      
3:40pm ET
Exhibitor Showcase
3:50pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Advocacy update & moderated panel discussions

Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
Dustin Thomas, MD, FSCCT


Lessons learned from cardiac CT: The effects of novel therapies on coronary atherosclerotic plaque 

Fay Lin, MD
Udo Hoffmann, MD, MPH


AI and machine learning: The future of my practice in CCT

Michelle Williams, MBChB, PhD, FSCCT
Alexander Bratt, MD

 3:50pm Advocacy year in review
Dustin Thomas, MD, FSCCT
   3:50pm The impact of statins and omega fatty acids on plaque composition
Matthew Budoff, MD, MSCCT

Understanding the big picture and the black box
Michael Lu, MD, MPH

 3:58pm How to engage hospital administration: A vital collaboration
Cathie Biga, MSN
   4:05pm Cardiac CT for statin and aspirin therapy assignment
Miguel Cainzos-Achirica, MD, MPH, PhD

Improving clarity: Image reconstruction and processing
Ivana Isgum, PhD

 4:06pm Update from ACC Coding Committee
Randall Thompson, MD
   4:20pm Pericoronary fat modification by anti-inflammatory therapies 
Charalambos Antoniades, MD, PhD

New frontiers in atherosclerosis
Andrew Choi, MD, FSCCT

 4:14pm What determines professional fee and physician fee schedule payments: Overview of RUC process
James Blankenship, MD

   4:35pm Novel therapies for CV risk reduction: What do we need from cardiac CT?
Michael Shapiro, DO, MCR, FSCCT

Multiparametric risk prediction from big data
Subhi Al'Aref, MD

 4:22pm Next steps in advocacy for CCT
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
   4:50pm  Q & A    4:30pm

Enhancing functional evaluation
Carlo De Cecco, MD, PhD

 4:30pm Panel discussion
James Blankenship, MD
Cathie Biga, MSN
Joshua Hirsch, MD
Dipti Itchaporia, MD
Ann Jablon
Leslee Shaw, PHD, MSCCT
Dustin Thomas, MD, FSCCT


Avoiding hype and ensuring validity
Alexander Bratt, MD

         4:50pm Q & A
5:05pm ET
Novel Technologies
6:00pm ET
SCCT Wrap-up: Highlights and discussion of Day 1
Saturday, 17th
8:30am ET
GE Healthcare Sponsored Symposia
Cardiac CT: Is it now an essential test for your heart team discussions?
Patrick M Donnelly, MBBCh BAO, MD, MRCP, FSCCT
9:00am ET
Canon Medical USA Sponsored Symposia
Why atherosclerosis is all that really matters
James K. Min, MD, MSCCT and Jeroen Bax, MD, PhD

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Sponsored Symposia
Advanced CT applications for structural heart disease interventions
Jonathon Leipsic, MD, FRCPC, MSCCT
9:30am ET
SCCT First Take: Previews and discussion for Day 2
9:45am ET
SCCT business meeting
10:00am ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3


Jonathon Leipsic, MD, FRCPC, MSCCT
Jonathan Weir-McCall, MBCHB, PhD


Coronary calcium: New tricks for an old test 

Marcio Bittencourt, MD, PhD, MPH
Renee Bullock-Palmer, MD, FSCCT


What I wish I had known in cardiac CT 

W. Guy  Weigold, MD, FSCCT
Nidhi Madan, MD, MPH

 10:00am 2021 update on TAVR
Jonathon Leipsic, MD, FRCPC< MSCCT
   10:00am Warranty period of CAC score: When to rescan and how to guide management
Omar Dzaye, MD, PhD
   10:00am Lessons learned in training your CT team 
Manuja Premaratne, MBBS, FSCCT
 10:13am TAVR CT protocols — customized acquisition strategies
Jeremy Collins, MD
   10:15am CAC and genetic scores:  Gatekeeper or competitor
Pradeep Natarajan, MD, MMSc


Choosing your CT scanner
Jeannie Yu, MD, FSCCT
 10:26am TAVR planning- anatomy, sizing and high-risk features
Omar Khalique, MD, FSCCT
   10:30am CAC in shared decision making: Lessons from AHA/ACC and NLA guidelines
Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH, FSCCT
   10:20am Clinical reporting and understanding finance 
Juan Batlle, MD, MBA, FSCCT
 10:39am Redo aortic valve:  Valve-in-valve
Hasan Jilaihawi, MD
   10:45am How can we improve Agatston score? CAC score for the 21st century
Michael Blaha, MD, MPH
   10:30am Growing your program through modern media
Purvi Parwani, MD
 10:52am SAVR and TAVR post implant: HALT, SVD and more
Jacob Kirsch, MD, MBA
   11:00am  Expert Commentary    10:40am Chest pain imaging: Fact or fiction from social media
Erin Michos, MD, MHS
11:05am  Q & A          10:50am Achieving work-life integration 
John Erwin, MD
             11:00am Q & A 
11:15am ET
Exhibitor Showcase
11:25am ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Gladiators arena: Great debates in cardiovascular CT

Pamela Woodard, MD, MSCCT 
Kelley Branch, MD, MSc, FSCCT


(Technical) challenges accepted!

Jeannie Yu, MD, FSCCT  
Benjamin Chow, MD, FRCPC, MSCCT


Physiologic assessment of CAD as applied to clinical practice 

Patricia Carrascosa, MD, PhD, MSCCT
Damini Dey, PhD, FSCCT

 11:25am Pre-test probability should guide patient selection for CTA vs. Functional
Juhani Knuuti, MD, PhD
   11:25am I got the rhythm blues: Dealing with arythmia/dyspnea
Mohamed Marwan, MD
   11:25am Coronary flow and pressure in coronary CTA: What might it tell us and what is missing
Maros Ferencik, MD, PhD, MCR, FSCCT
 11:35am Pre-test probability is not helpful in guiding patient selection for CTA vs. Functional
Andrew Kelion, MD, FRCP
   11:35am Heavy metal (and calcium): Rocking (and rolling) with the punches AND obesity
Orly Goitein, MD
   11:40am CT perfusion in clinical practice in 2021
Amit Patel, MD, FSCCT
 11:45am Rebuttal    11:45am Con[trast] artist: IV access, rates and nephropathy issues
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT
Nikkole Weber, RT (R)(CT)(M), CSCCT
   11:55am Effects of perivascular fat on coronary physiology
Tomasz Guzik, MD, PhD
 11:50am Debate Analysis    11:55am We're multiplying! How to manage many sites: Protocol selection and workflow management
Ricardo Cury, MD, MBA, MSCCT
William Gilmour, RT (R) CT

   12:10pm Strengths and weaknesses of cardiovascular imaging modalities in CAD assessment
Roel Driessen, MD

 12:00pm  AI vs. expert reader for CCTA - Should we honor our future computer overlords? (In favor of AI)
Manish Motwani, MBChB, PhD, FSCCT
   12:05pm 24/7/365? Expanding access without compromising care
Phillip Young, MD
  12:25pm   Q & A
 12:10pm  AI vs. expert reader for CCTA - Should we honor our future computer overlords? (In favor of expert reader for CCTA)
Alexander Bratt, MD
   12:15pm Don’t FFRget the process! Managing FFRct workflows and challenges
Brian Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA, FSCCT
Michelle Kohanski, AAS RT (R) (CT) 
 12:20pm  Rebuttal    12:25pm Q & A      
 12:25pm Debate Analysis            

12:40pm ET
Siemens Healthineers Sponsored Symposia
Counting Detector Cardiac CT: Introduction and Outlook
Thomas Allmendinger, PhD, FSCCT
Principal Scientist, Siemens Healthineers

1:15pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Imaging cardiac shunt lesions: Congenital heart disease 

Hyun Woo Goo, MD, PhD
Aparna Joshi, MD 


Clinical trial updates 

Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT
Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD, MSCCT

Chance favors the prepared: Exam prep and safety 

Chandana Shekar, MD
Mike Steigner, MD

 1:15pm Introduction to cardiovascular shunt anomalies
Eric Krieger, MD
   1:15pm ISCHEMIA: The role of cardiac CT  
David Maron, MD
   1:15pm Preppy premeds: Patient preparation and premedication / dealing with CATastrophes (managing contrast reactions)
Daniel Groves, MD
 1:27pm Imaging septal defects and other intracardiac shunts
Aloha Meave, MD
   1:27pm Clinical trials in preventive medicine
Matthijs Oudkerk, MD, PhD
   1:25pm Rad to the bone (and lung and breast and heart and skin): CT dosimetry in 2021
Andrew Einstein, MD, PhD, MSCCT
 1:39pm Imaging pulmonary and systemic anomalies
Andrew Crean, MRCP, FRCR, MPH
   1:39pm CTA in non-STE myocardial infarction
David Newby, MD, PhD    
   1:35pm Why you gotta be so complicated? Managing complications (contrast, beta-blocker, NTG, IV extrav)
Christopher Maroules, MD, FSCCT
 1:51pm Imaging intra- and extracardiac shunt anomalies in the pediatric population
Prakash Masand, MD
   1:51pm CT-FFR trials
Pamela Douglas, MD
   1:45pm We need to talk: How to communicate exam prep, scheduling, etc issues / You’ve got mail! Anticipating referring questions (pre and post exam)
Jill Jacobs, MD, MS_HQSM, FSCCT
 2:03pm Pre-procedural planning of shunt interventions
Tim Slesnick, MD

   2:03pm CT perfusion imaging
Kakuya Kitagawa, MD, PhD, FSCCT
   1:55pm The letter of the law: Communicating results to patients (CURES Act and more)
J. Jeffrey Carr, MD, MSc, MSCCT
 2:15pm Putting it all together: Case-based review of shunt anomalies
Prachi Agarwal, MBBS, MS
   2:15pm Sex in cardiovascular imaging trials: past and present
Noel Bairey Merz, MD
   2:05pm All in due process [Improvement]: QA/QI in cardiac CT
Quynh Truong, MD, MPH, FSCCT
2:30pm ET
Exhibitor Showcase
2:40pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Photon energy: Spectral CT, photon counting and dual energy

David Bluemke, MD, PhD, MsB
Martha Gulati, MD


How to incorporate plaque evaluation in clinical workflow 

Pal Maurovich-Horvat, MD, PhD, MPH, FSCCT
Hyuk-Jae Chang, MD, PhD, FSCCT


Structural heart, the future is here

Michael Winkler, MD, MSc, MSCCT
Tiffany Chen, MD

 2:40pm [Photon] Count on me: An overview of PC for CCT
Rozemarijn, Vliegenthart, MD
  2:40pm What is the better prognostic tool for clinicians: High-risk plaque vs. plaque burden
Damini Dey, PhD, FSCCT
   2:40pm Current and future management of aortic stenosis
Kevin Greason, MD
 2:50pm The world is becoming more PC: How photon counting will change CV imaging
Gregory Kicska, MD, PhD
   2:55pm Plaque composition and risk of subsequent CV events
Marc Dweck, MD, PhD
   2:53pm Aortic valvuloplasty and BASILICA 
Chad Kliger, MD
 3:00pm Single energy but sharper resolution: A different direction?
Sujata Shanbhag, MD, MPH
  3:10pm Coronary calcium in the setting of CTA scan: What does calcium add?
Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD, MSc, FSCCT   
   3:06pm Cardiac amyloid and myocardial extracellular volume (ECV) by CT
Francesca Pugliese, MD, PhD, FSCCT
 3:10pm Dual-ing CTs: Dual source/dual energy & single source / dual energy CVCT
U. Joseph Schoepf, MD, FSCCT
  3:25pm How to best communicate atherosclerosis assessment and risk in coronary CTA report
James Stirrup, MD, DLM, FRCP, FSCCT
   3:19pm Cardiac flow simulations: Clinical insights
Ronak Rajani, MD, FSCCT
 3:20pm kV switched at birth: Is kV switching in infancy or all grown up?
Fay Lin, MD

   3:40pm Q & A    3:32pm CT in the cath lab: 3D visualization and prints 
Michael Winkler, MD, MSCCT
 3:30pm Spectral CT vs single energy CT
Suhny Abbara, MD, MSCCT

         3:45pm Q & A
 3:40pm  Q & A            
4:00pm ET
Channel 1 

SCCT Final Take: Closing session and SCCT Wrap Up

Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT

 4:00pm Welcome and take-home points
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT
 4:05pm Presentation of the SCCT2020 Awards: Best Abstract and Canon Young Investigator Awards
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, MSCCT
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT
 4:15pm  SCCT2021 Highlights
 4:45pm Welcome to SCCT Wrap Up
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT

5:30pm ET


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