Titan Radiology – Boards Buster 2021 (Videos) | Medical Video Courses.

Titan Radiology – Boards Buster 2021 (Videos)

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Titan Radiology – Boards Buster 2021 (Videos)


By Prometheus Lionhart - Extracted on July 2021

Through the revolutionary Board Buster video series and high yield Crack the Core books, Master educator, Prometheus Lionhart MD, will mold your mind into an unstoppable wrecking ball of radiology knowledge.
Comprehensive Board Buster Video Series
40+ hours of high yield video by Radiology Board Review Revolutionary, Prometheus Lionhart, MD

Dominate the ABR Core with Titan
Through the revolutionary Board Buster video series and high yield Crack the Core books, Master educator, Prometheus Lionhart MD, will mold your mind into an unstoppable wrecking ball of radiology knowledge

  • Over 40 hours of content including clinical radiology, physics, and non-interpretative skills.
  • Follow-along with Dr. Lionhart’s trusted Crack the Core Exam books.


Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Renal
  • Reproductive
  • Abdominal Barium
  • Chest
  • Thyroid
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neuro
  • Pediatric
  • Cardiac
  • Breast Imaging
  • Nuclear
  • Interventional and Vascular Radiology
  • Physics Remastered
  • Physics
  • Non-Interpretive Skills


Full List of Topics
Part 1 – Congenital Malformations, Cystic Lesions, Pancreatitis
Part 2 – Solid Lesions, Trauma
Part 1 – Diffuse Disease: Fat, Iron, and Associated Physics
Part 2 – Focal Lesions, Infection, Biliary, Transplant
Part 1 – Solid Lesions, Cystic Disease
Part 2 – Renal Artery Stenosis, Captopril Nukes, Transplant
Part 3 – Congenital Malformations, Urethral Cancer
Special Topic: Miscellaneous Renal Diseases
Female Reproductive: Endometrial and Cervical Cancer
Male Reproductive – Prostate and Testicular Cancer
Special Topic: Reproductive – OB Ultrasound
Abdominal Barium
Part 1 – Esophagus and Stomach
Part 2 – Small Bowel
Part 3 – Crohns, UC and a Review of Buzzwords
Part 1 – Localization/Signs, UIP/NSIP, Infections with Nukes Correlates, Cardiac Anatomy,
Part 2 – TB, Infections Misc, Trachea
Thyroid – Hyperthryoidism, and Nukes Correlates
Thyroid – Cancer and Nukes Correlates
Parathyroid – Adenoma, Cancer, and Nukes Correlates
Part 1 – Trauma, Osteochondrosis, Coalition
Part 2 – Athritis
Part 3 – Benign (Cystic) and Malignant Bone Tumors
Part 4 – MR Joints
MSK: Special Topic – Denervation: MRI Shoulder Patterns, Acute and Chronic Denervation Changes
Special Topic: MSK Ultrasound
Part 1 – Skull Base and Vascular Anatomy
Part 2 – Temporal Bone
Part 3 – Demyelinating / Toxic
Part 4 – Tumors
Part 5 – SAH, Aneurysms, Stroke, Vascular Malformations
Part 6- Blood Age, Trauma / Face Smash, LeForts, NAT
Part 7 – Infections
Part 8 – Spine
Neuro: Special Topic – Head and Neck: Sinus Tumors, Vocal Cords, Congenital Misc
Part 1 – Airway, Chest
Part 2 – GI
Part 3 – MSK
Part 4 – Heterotaxia, Solid Tumors – Liver & Kidney, Biliary Atresia with Nukes Correlate
Part 5 – Neuro – Cogenital Malformations
Part 1 – CXR Analysis, Valves
Part 2 – Congenital Heart Surgeries
Part 3 – Cardiac MRI
Part 4 – Cardiac Nukes
Cardiac: Special Topic – Coronary
Breast Imaging
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Cancer and Ultrasound
Part 3: Benign Disease
Part 4: Male Breast Disease
Part 5: MRI 1
Part 6: MRI 2
Special Topic: Mammo Procedures – Part 1
Special Topic: Mammo Procedures – Part 2
Part 1: Mystery Whole Body Scans
Part 2: Bone Scan
Part 3: Pulmonary (VQ)
Part 4: GI (HIDA, Bleeding Scan, Sulfur Colloid)
Special Topic – PET and SPECT
Special Topic – Non-PET Cancer Part 1 (MIBG)
Special Topic – Non-PET Cancer Part 2 (Octreotide)
Special Topic – CNS (Seizure Scans, Dementia, CSF Flow Imaging)
Special Topic – Mechanisms of Radiopharmaceutical Localization
Interventional and Vascular Radiology
Part 1
Part 2 – Carotid US, Aortic Dissection, Misc Vascular
IR: Special topic – HD Grafts / Fistulas
IR: Special Topic – Urinary Access / Diversion
CV: Special Topic – Venous Ultrasound
Special Topic: CV: Doppler Flow Dynamics
Physics Remastered
X-ray: Intro to Basic Science
X-ray: Characteristic and Breaking Radiation
X-ray: Machine
X-ray: Heel Effect
X-ray: Quality and Quantity
X-ray: Filtration
X-ray: Interactions with Matter
X-ray: K-edge and Contrast
X-ray: Mass and Linear Attenuation
X-Ray – Generation and Production
X-Ray: Interaction with Matter
X-Ray: Concepts
Breast Imaging
Fluoro / IR
CT: Basics
CT: Artifacts
Ultrasound Part 1 – Reflection, Refraction, Attenuation,
Ultrasound Part 2 – Doppler, Compound Imaging, Harmonics, Mechanical Index, Thermal Index
Ultrasound Part 3 – Artifacts
MRI: Basics
MRI: Encoding
MRI: Sequences
MRI: Special Topic – MRI Safety
MRI: Artifacts
MRI: Special Topic – Slice Thickness vs Table Time
Nukes: Basic Concepts
MRI: Special Topic – Blood age
Physics MCQ Review – Part 1
Physics MCQ Review – Part 2
Physics MCQ Review – Part 3
Non-Interpretive Skills
Part 1 – QA, QC, QI, Latent vs Active, Hawthorne, Weber
Part 2 – Safety Champion, PDSA, LEAN, Value Equation, Six Sigma
Part 3 – Charts
Part 4 – Communication Guidelines
Part 5 – Fundamental Errors, Miss vs Slip, Culture of Safety, Authority Gradient
Part 6 – Just Culture
Part 7 – Patient Safety Goals, Consent, Pre-procedural Care, Blood Transfusion, Medication Reconciliation
Special Topic: Contrast Reactions



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