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SCCT 2020 Board Review On Demand

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SCCT 2020 Board Review On Demand


The course will provide a comprehensive overview of cardiovascular CT and help prepare you to take the CBCCT and ACR Certification Board Exams.

After careful consideration, SCCT has decided to transform the 2020 Board Review and Update of CCT course into a virtual meeting. There will be two opportunities to take advantage of this course -- June 25 - 26, 2020 & August 27 - 28. The in-person meeting planned to take place in Seattle has been cancelled, due to coronavirus-related restrictions on travel and gatherings as well as concern about the health, well-being and safety of our attendees, faculty and their patients.

The SCCT Board Review Course is designed to engage physicians and healthcare professionals interpreting cardiac CT in a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of cardiovascular CT principles, methodologies, and clinical practice. Didactic lectures, image-based case examples, reviews of the research literature in cardiovascular CT, and question and answer sessions are designed to increase the competency and performance of the physician up to a level established for the Certification Board of Cardiovascular CT Exam and the Cardiac CT Certificate of Advance Proficiency Examination.


Sample of Board Review content

Learning objectives

The course includes an expanded number of interactive sessions that will focus on the "core" knowledge that every practitioner of cardiovascular CT is expected to know, across a wide range of topics, as determined by the examination board of the CBCCT and the ACR. Course highlights include an end-of-course exam simulates the testing environment, audience response question and answer that accompanies every lecture, and two dedicated imaging review sessions with an expanded question and answer format

After participating in this activity, the participants should be better able to:

  • Describe the principles of cardiovascular CT scanning, acquisition, and image reconstruction to colleagues and members of the cardiovascular CT team
  • Discuss and implement protocols for decreasing radiation dose while maintaining diagnostic image quality to members of the cardiovascular CT team
  • Understand the indications, contraindications, capabilities, and limitations of cardiovascular CT in the care of cardiovascular patients
  • Discuss criteria with colleagues for appropriate selection of patients for cardiovascular CT Identify common pathology that is diagnosed by cardiovascular CT, and distinguish true pathology from artifacts and pitfalls
  • Understand the role of cardiovascular CT in the evaluation of chest pain and the treatment of valvular heart disease
  • Describe new technologies that enhance conventional coronary CTA

Courses in package:

Day 1 : 

CT Fundamentals: Basic Principles and Scan Modes 

Speaker: Shuai Leng

Scan Acquisition and Protocols 

Speaker: Edward P. Shapiro

Appropriate Patient Selection & Preparation 

Speaker: Armin A. Zadeh

Image Reconstruction, Post-Processing, and Artifacts 

Speaker: Eric Williamson

Radiation and Radiation Safety 

Speaker: Shuai Leng

Coronary Calcium and Aortic Valve Calcium: Methods, Diagnosis, and Prognosis 

Speaker: J. Jeffrey Carr

Non-Cardiac Anatomy & Pathology: Aorta, Lungs, and Mediastinum 

Speaker: Cristina Fuss

End-of-day Q&A Review Session 

Speaker: Armin A. Zadeh

Day 2 : 

Coronary CTA I: Anatomy, Variations, and Anomalies 

Speaker: Michelle Williams

Coronary CTA II: Coronary Disease, Stents, and Grafts 

Speaker: Michelle Williams

Non-Coronary Cardiac I: Myocardium, Masses and Congenital Heart Disease 

Speaker: Christopher Maroules

Non-Coronary Cardiac II: Valves & Pericardium 

Speaker: Eric Williamson

Intervention Structural Heart Disease: TAVR, TMVR, and LAA Closure 

Speaker: James Lee

Functional Assessment of CAD 

Speaker: Patricia Carrascosa

End-of-day Q&A Review Session 



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