Mayo Clinic Hospital Medicine: Managing Complex Patients 2020 | Medical Video Courses.

Mayo Clinic Hospital Medicine: Managing Complex Patients 2020

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Mayo Clinic Hospital Medicine: Managing Complex Patients 2020



Course Description

Hospital Medicine is a growing medical specialty that requires a diverse skill set. Hospital-based healthcare providers must be able to diagnose and manage a wide variety of clinical conditions, coordinate transitions of care, provide perioperative management to surgical patients and contribute to quality improvement and hospital administration. This program has been specifically designed to ensure that participants augment their skill set to meet these many challenges in an effort to enhance the delivery of health care and provide better patient outcomes.

Target Audience
This program is designed for inpatient care providers including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Internal medicine and family practice, among others, are specialties that have practitioners who care for hospitalized patients.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

– Summarize recent evidence on medical optimization of patients before surgery.
– Develop an approach to the acute management of chronic liver disease.
– Recognize which hematologic presentations require emergency treatment.
– Identify important skin diseases in hospitalized patients that require a dermatology consultation.
– Determine which patients with venous thromboembolism in the hospital should be treated with direct oral anticoagulants.
– Decide which patients need intravenous medications for atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response.
– Choose the appropriate next test(s) for chest pain in the hospital.
– Demonstrate the initial management of lower extremity wounds.
– Employ a systematic approach to assessing falls risk.
– Utilize current best practices for managing hospital delirium.

Release Date : 11/04/2020

Topics And Speakers:

 -ACS for the Hospitalist Managing Complex Patients
-Atrial Fibrillation Practical Tips for the Hospitalist
-Common Neurological Questions in the Hospitalized Patient
-COPD Exacerbation Management
-Critical Care Pearls for the Hospitalist
-Delirium Assessing and Managing a Hospitalized Patient when out of Furrow
-Dermatology Pearls for the Hospitalist
-Hematologic Emergencies for the Hospitalist
-Hepatology for the Hospitalist
-Hospital Dermatology Clinical Pearls for the Hospitalist
-Hospital Medicine Managing Complex Patients 2020
-Inpatient COPD Management
-Inpatient Wound Care What Every Hospitalist Should Know
-Myocarditis What the Hospitalist Needs to Know
-Nephrology Potpourri
-Palliative Medicine Pearls
-Pearls for Complex Communication Encounters Tips for the Hard Stuff
-Principles of Antimicrobial Management Antimicrobial Stewardship for Hospitalists
-Sepsis Updates What_s New in this Unprecedented Times
-Smooth Moves A Practical Guide to Assessing Mobility
-Telemedicine Practical Insights
-Updates in Hospital Medicine
-Updates in Perioperative Medicine 2018-2020 Review
-Updates in Venous Thromboembolism An Overview of Some Common VTE Issues Arising in the Hospital Medicine Practice



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