Adult ECLS Course – Innovative ECMO Concepts (Complete Contents) | Medical Video Courses.

Adult ECLS Course – Innovative ECMO Concepts (Complete Contents)

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Adult ECLS Course – Innovative ECMO Concepts (Complete Contents)

Complete Text + MP3 + MP4 + Questions + Answers



Adult ECLS Course

In this course, the emerging trends in adult ECMO support will be evaluated. Critical concepts, treatments, and interventions will be discussed as well as a review of influential literature pertaining to adult ECLS.


Learning Objectives

  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Cannula Selection
  • Indications
  • Coagulation and Equipment for Adults

Purchase of this course grants the learner access to the following individual modules:

  • Introduction to ECMO
  • Basic Ventilation
  • Advanced Ventilation
  • Complete Circuit Exam
  • ECLS Physics
  • VV vs. VA
  • Adult Indications
  • Pre-ECLS to Initiation
  • eCPR
  • Adult Cannula Selection
  • Basic Anticoagulation
  • Advanced Anticoagulation
  • Anticoagulation Equipment
  • Daily Patient Management
  • Daily Circuit Management
  • Emergencies and Complications – Medical
  • Emergencies and Complications – Mechanical
  • Adult Blood and Blood Products
  • Awake, Ambulation and Physical Rehabilitation
  • Weaning and Decannulation
  • Adult Outcomes
  • ECLS Billing

Course Features

Duration: 27  hour(s)

Innovative ECMO Concepts is the first in the industry to offer on-demand, online ECLS training and education. We’ve trained thousands of specialists in every discipline – from MDs and RNs to RRTs and perfusionists in neonatal, pediatric and adult fields. Whether you are training a team to begin your new ECMO program or training new staff to augment your current team, we have eLearning for your didactic education to help you achieve your goals.

In an effort to provide training and education that fits your team’s needs, we have created three training options. The online and blended learning training can be accessed through our new eLearning portal via the links below.

Blended Learning

Offering the most comprehensive and efficient approach to ECLS learning, this option includes online course work – completed at home – followed by a skills session with our expertly trained MDs, RNs, RRTs and perfusionists.

Online Training

In this self-paced, on-demand experience, we utilize video, audio and interactive techniques to train your clinical staff on the latest ECMO therapy advancements, customized for your specific ECMO equipment.

Hands-On Training

Our ECLS educators provide training at your facility to teach team members on your ECMO equipment - utilizing your facility’s policies, procedures and protocols. This enhances learning retention and, importantly, means less time away from the bedside. Contact us to learn more or to schedule your next training.



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